Fred C. Mastroianni, PE

    Principal Engineer - FCM Engineering, PLLC


    Fred has over 40 years of experience in the consulting engineering industry, havingboth designed and managed numerous projects that involved highway reconstruction and rehabilitation; multi-use paths/trails; pedestrian facilities; bicycle facilities; site planning and design. He has prepared andbeen responsible for the development of preliminary plans, environmental assessments, final design plans, and construction bid documents on many public works projects. He has also conducted independent quality control reviews of design plans, specifications, engineer’s estimate and construction bid documents of all types of infrastructure projects prepared by staff and other consultant engineering firms.


    Mr. Mastroianni has performed the duties of “Town Designated Engineer” for several Towns in the Capital Region, which involved the review ofvarious private development projects for compliance with the Town’s standards and regulations. He has been successful in assisting many of his clients in submitting funding applications for transportation projects that includes complete streets, pedestrian and bicycle facilities .His past experience also includes the academic field. He was an adjunct professor at Union College from 2001 through 2005 in the civil engineering department. In addition, hewas selected as the NYS Association of Transportation Engineers Section 1 (Albany) Engineer of the year in 2017, and is the current Chairman of the Town of Glenville Traffic Safety Committee. He is licensed to practice engineering in the State of New York.

    Who Is FCM Engineering?

    An "It's About Relationships" approach is the primary concept behind FCM Engineering. While engineering solutions can be very technical in nature, problem solving is really a "people business". As a small company, we are able to closely tailor to our clients' needs yet bring the resources of our larger firm partners when necessary. The professionals at FCM Engineering have a demonstrated history of working with communities and private clients throughout New York State and beyond. — We provide project management, civil/site engineering, comprehensive/corridor planning, municipal operations, environmental review, grant and proposal development, and project funding solutions.


    We focus on collaborate effects to provide clients with responsive, creative, integrated, and distinctive solutions. This partnership fundamentally includes our clients as an essential component in devising effective solutions that turn challenges into opportunities.


    We have diverse background of client and partner relationships along with an extensive portfolio of successfully completed projects. "Client First" is our approach to turning visions into reality by completing projects on time, within budget, while providing personalized service. 




    From Conception & Funding thru Final Construction





    Comprehensive planning and project funding are more connected than it may first seem. Planning efforts are important to find success with future project funding opportunities. The team at FCM works with municipal staff, local officials, business and community leaders, residents, and facility users as part of a collaborative planning process. Our approach is that those partners represent the experts about their community, the business and political environment, and the vision of how they want to strategize going forward. Our role is to complement that local knowledge and expertise with innovative strategies and practical ideas from our many years of experience. We have established a demonstrated record of utilizing relevant data, engaged public participation, and consensus building to develop impactful community plans.


    Then the idea is to turn these planning efforts and creative ideas into funded projects. Whether utilizing your in-house resources or developing applications for competitive solicitation programs, FCM will work with you to develop and implement a realistic financial plan. Grant and proposal writing are integral project components of FCM's services in addition to the technical engineering. FCM's Planning and Funding Services include:

    • Grant Preparation and Administration
    • Needs Assessment and Project Scope Development
    • Creation and Administration of Financial Plans
    • Collectin and Aggregation of Supporting Information
    • Federal and State Program and Environmental Compliance
    • Overall Project Management



    The expectations on local government have never been greater. We offer services for municipalities in support of their engineering and public works projects. FCM works closely with municipal staff and planning/zoning boards bringing our experience to the design, construction, and maintenance of municipal projects. FCM's Municipal Engineering and Technical Services include:

    • Supervision and Management of other Consultants on Public Works Projects
    • Engineering Support to Various Municipal Departments
    • Plan and Manage Public Works Projects by Municipal Forces
    • Pavement Evaluation and Design
    • On-Call Engineering & Planning Services
    • Transportation Planning, Design, & Budgeting
    • Land Use Planning and Zoning
    • Development of Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Transition Plans
    • Consultant Management of Locally Administered Federal-Aid Projects
    • Environmental Review of Site Developments
    • Site Planning
    • Construction Support and Management
    • Stormwater Management and Design
    • Research State and Federal Funding Opportunities
    • Develop/Revise Municipal Standards on Private Development Projects
    • Prepare Reports and Audit Documents
    • Bid Tabulation and Review
    • Review Private Development Projects
    • Prepare Bid Specifications for Major Supply and Equipment Purchases
    • Technical Writing and Editing


    There has been an increasing emphasis to protect the welfare and safety of everyone using our public road network. FCM has a demonstrated reputation for provididing services in support of these goals. We bring our experience to examine opportunities such as traffic calming, "complete streets", and multi-modal projects. Our services include:

    • Proposed Speed Limit Changes Review and Analysis
    • Traffic Engineering and Accident Analysis
    • Development of "Complete Street" Guidelines
    • Traffic Impact Studies
    • Crash Analysis and Safety Studies
    • Parking and Traffic Circulation Evaluations
    • Research State and Federal Funding Opportunities
    • Prepare Reports and Audit Documents
    • Review Private Development Projects
    • Technical Writing and Editing



    Our team brings expertise and years of experience to each project to deliver innovative, practical, and cost-effective solutions tailored to the vision, needs, and challenges of each client. Our services encompass a wide range of engineering services, including:

    • Civil/Site Engineering
    • Home Design & Additions
    • On-Site Septic Systems
    • Residential Structural Inspection & Analysis

    FCM is committed to design solutions that meet the functional needs of our clients. This begins by working with the client to understand and assess their vision as well as the schedule and budgetary concerns. While each project is unique, they share common elements such as design and safety requirements along with a funding strategy.


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